At a glance

Founded in 1969, Italtile Limited is a proudly South African manufacturer, franchisor and retailer of tiles, bathroomware and other related home-finishing products. The Group's retail brands are CTM, Italtile Retail and TopT represented by 216 stores in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

The retail operation is strategically supported by a vertically integrated supply chain.

Our manufacturers are Ceramic Industries comprising seven factories in South Africa and one in Australia, and Ezee Tile with six factories in South Africa and four in the rest of Africa.

We have installed capacity to manufacture 52 million m2 of tiles and 2 million pieces of sanitaryware annually, producing one out of every two tiles, baths and toilets purchased in South Africa.

Our tile factories rank among the most energy efficient in the world. We generated 2 667 MWh of solar power for the period and are installing at least a further 2,3 MW in the year ahead. We target continued reduction of our carbon footprint through extensive Group-wide initiatives.

Our import businesses are International Tap Distributors, Cedar Point and Distribution Centre, with facilities in KZN, Gauteng and the Western Cape.

Our property portfolio is valued in excess of R4,5 billion.

Our total system-wide turnover for the period was R11,5 billion, and our market capitalisation is in excess of R15 billion.

We partner with 25 franchisees and have 3 268 employees (including those employed by franchisees).

We are a B-BBEE level 2 contributor. Our Group corporate social economic development spend was R37 million.

Group overview


Our stores are situated on high-visibility sites and their comprehensive offerings position them as one‑stop solution destinations, with ranges including ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles, sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, taps, fittings, laminated and vinyl flooring, lighting, home‑finishing products and tools.

The Group is represented via a national network of high-profile branded retail outlets comprising:

Italtile retail.png CTM top T

The Strength of our Retail Brands

Founded in 1969, Italtile Retail is widely acknowledged as a style icon in the premium home improvement market and is represented by 15 stores nationwide. As a leading fashion retailer of exclusive international and local ranges of tiles, bathware and related products, the brand offers a luxurious shopping experience for both residential and commercial clients.

Launched in 1983, CTM is a household name in Southern Africa, enjoying strong brand affinity based on its reputation for a high‑quality year-round value offering. Represented by 101 stores in Southern and East Africa, CTM is the largest specialist tile and bathroom retailer in the country.

TopT is a one-stop home‑finishing supplier of good quality, affordable merchandise and is the low‑cost leader in its entry-level market segment. TopT has 93 stores situated in underserviced rural areas and outlying markets in close proximity to urban townships.



Ceramic Industries is a leading manufacturer of glazed porcelain floor tiles, ceramic wall and floor tiles, vitreous china sanitaryware and acrylic baths and shower trays. Ceramic’s operations comprise the following:

  • South Africa: Five tile factories (Gryphon, Vitro, Pegasus, Samca Wall and Samca+), one bathroomware factory (Betta) and an acrylic bath and shower tray factory (Bettabaths)

  • Australia: One porcelain tile factory, Centaurus


Ezee Tile Adhesives is a manufacturer of cement-based adhesives, water-based paints grout and related products. Operations comprise 10 manufacturing plants situated in Johannesburg, Durban, Gqeberha, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Mokopane, Windhoek, Mombasa, Lusaka and Harare.

The Group holds a 98% stake in Ceramic Industries which in turn holds a 100% stake in Ezee Tile.


The Group’s retail operations are supported by an integrated import supply chain comprising:

International Tap Distributors_logo

International Tap Distributors ("ITD")
Importer and distributor of brassware and accessories.


Cedar Point Trading
Importer and distributor of laminate and vinyl floor boards, bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, sanitaryware, décor and other home finishing products.


Distribution Centre
Imports tiles and other related products and provides warehousing, distribution and logistics services to the Group.


Retail properties
This portfolio affords strategic advantage to the retail brand operations by ensuring stores are easily accessible, well presented and maintained, and contribute to an inspirational shopping experience. The portfolio is continuously evaluated and enhanced to ensure optimal returns.

Manufacturing properties
The Group's manufacturing operations comprise well-maintained state-of-the-art factories which are supplied with high-quality raw materials sourced from productive quarries in close proximity to the plants.

Environmental sustainability

  • The Group's sustainability agenda is promoted through the use of cost-effective, energy-efficient practices in the construction of new buildings and the renovation of older buildings. Optimal use of natural light, solar technology, new-generation lighting, water-saving taps, rain water harvesting, and environmentally sensitive building materials are prioritised.
  • Our Ceramic Industries factories use the latest technology in their operations and rank among the most energy efficient in the world.
  • The majority of Ceramic Industries' clay requirements are supplied by its own quarries. The quarries have adequate reserves to meet medium to long-term requirements. Raw material quarries are rehabilitated concurrently and once end-of-productive life is reached.


Information Technology ("IT"), 
e-commerce, human resources ("HR"), finance/administration, marketing, and internal audit.

Purpose and mission statement

Italtile is a South African Group invested in a portfolio of differentiated, complementary, focused retail formats and manufacturing facilities focused on operational excellence.

The Group actively seeks opportunities to vertically integrate the supply chain to improve price competitiveness for our customers. Collaboration throughout the organisation and our culture of continued improvement in performance will drive market share gains.

Strategic clarity; principle-driven; ethical leadership; cost-effective technology; and customer and staff‑centred partnerships form the essence of who we are.

We deliver superior return on funds employed to our shareholders.

We fight for the right of our customers to have a beautiful home.


The Group believes that a productive workplace is characterised by an environment in which service, efficiency and harmonious teamwork relationships are of primary concern to all.


The Italtile Group is committed to honesty, integrity and transparency in all its activities and operations. Accordingly, we subscribe to the Be Heard® reporting service.

Should you be, or become aware, of any behaviour related to the Group which you may consider to be inappropriate, unethical or unlawful you are invited to contact Be Heard® via a range of communication channels. For reference, the website address is: www.beheard.co.za.

Reports may be made anonymously, unless you choose to provide your name and/or contact details, and if you do, these details will remain confidential unless you provide express permission to disclose them.

Should you require any advice or guidance please contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Be Heard


  • To be Africa's leading retailer of tiles, sanitaryware and ancillary products
  • To grow market share
  • To be an employer of choice
  • To build our leadership and succession pipeline
  • To be viewed by our suppliers as ethical and tough but fair
  • To be recognised as compassionate and caring through meaningful measurable CSI initiatives
  • To be innovative and strive for continuous improvement
  • To capitalise on the ever-accelerating pace of technological innovation for the benefit of customers and shareholders
  • To progress the imperative of transformation
  • To be a globally competitive manufacturer of tiles, baths and sanitaryware
  • To be our customers' number one choice in the merchandise categories we plan to own
  • To remain a cash positive business and maintain a dividend cover of two-and-a-half times
  • To ensure quality of earnings by driving free cash flow
  • To grow the business sustainably, while minimising our impact on the natural environment


  • High-work ethic
  • The drive to develop business partnerships
  • Customer centricity
  • Entrepreneurial flair
  • Leadership by example
  • Hands-on involvement in the business
  • Accountability for actions and performance
  • Performance-driven
  • Transparency in communication and actions with all stakeholders
  • Empathy
  • Principle-based


  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Human dignity (respect and caring)
  • Excellence
  • Empowerment
  • Partnership
  • Servant leadership


  • Sustained investment in improving and innovating the shopping experience and ensuring the offering remains attractive to traditional customers and new, emerging homeowners.
  • Long-standing reputation as the industry trendsetter and fashion authority.
  • Extensive property portfolio which comprises high profile, well-maintained, inspirational stores, state‑of-the-art factories, and productive quarries.
  • Strong partnerships with employees, equity partners and entrepreneurial franchisees.
  • Integrated supply chain which underpins our policy of 'right product at the right time, place and price'.
  • Recognition that our people are key to our competitive advantage and hence continued investment in them is paramount.
  • Reward and empowerment ethos which incentivises personnel to participate in the profitability of the business.
  • Flat, low-cost organisational structure comprising strong teams and unique individuals intimately involved in the operations.
  • A customer-centric philosophy which ensures all our activities are centred on keeping them top of mind.
  • Strategic portfolio of strong retail brands that appeal to customers across the income spectrum.
  • Concerted focus on developing and employing industry-leading technology in both our retail offering and manufacturing operations.


Group B-BBEE certificate

B-BBEE compliance report

History and milestones


    Italtile was founded in 1969 by Gianni Ravazzotti, who identified an opportunity in the market, and together with his partners, started importing ceramic tiles from Italy and distributed them through an outlet in Alberton.

  • Italtile's first Cape Town store opened.

    Italtile's first Durban store opened.

  • Italtile's first Johannesburg store opened.

  • Samca Floor tile factory opened.

  • Samca introduced single-firing monocotura tiles using the clay dry-milling process.
    Italtile moved into new premises in Alberton.

  • Launch of the first cash-and-carry concept CTM store in Roodepoort.
    The second store opened in Stikland, Cape Town.

  • Acquisition of Betta Sanitaryware from a consortium of banks.

  • Acquisition of NCI Ceramics.
    Italtile listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

  • Samca Wall tile factory opened.
    Italtile moved head office to Randburg.

  • The management information system was upgraded and all Italtile Centres were linked by computer

  • Formation of Ceramic Industries (PTY) Ltd.
    Ceramic Industries listed on the JSE.
    CTM franchise division established.

  • The roll out of stores continued with the launch of the boutique store in Tokai.

  • CTM Mastertile Club launched.
    Italtile transferred its JSE listing from the building and construction sector to the retail sector.

  • CTM Roodepoort becomes the first store to turn over R1 million.
    The entire organisation participates for its first full year in the staff profit share scheme.

  • Acquisition of Vitro Tile Factory.
    CTM Pretoria becomes the first store to achieve a turnover of R2 million.
    CTM began its successful TV advertising campaign with Bob and Nige.

  • Italtile moved its head office to its current location in Bryanston.
    Commencement of trading in Australia.
    Introduced high-pressure casting at Betta.
    SAP is introduced to CTM Strijdom Park.

  • Closure of NCI Tiles – production moved to Vitro factory.

  • R1 billion system-wide turnover achieved.
    Opened the Pegasus factory.

  • Introduced CTM joint-venture (“JV”) model.
    Italtile displayed its passion for tiles with the 1,1 m x 2,2 m replica of Botticelli’s Primavera which was made using kaolin clay and fired as a single tile in a roller kiln.

  • Acquired controlling interest in International Tap Distributors (Pty) Ltd.
    Acquired controlling interest in Early Works (Pty) Ltd.
    Centaurus factory opened.

  • Formed Penates Logistics (Pty) Ltd.

  • Acquired Sphinx.
    Ceramic Industries and support centre moved to the Clay Quarry.
    Penates built the International Tap Distributors (“ITD”) robotic warehouse, showrooms and the Forum Auditorium.

  • Expanded Pegasus and Centaurus to double production volumes.

  • Expanded Betta.
    Aquarious factory opened.
    Italtile launched the TopT brand.

  • Italtile acquired a minority stake in Ezee Tile.
    Penates built the Tiling Training Academy in Boksburg.
    Italtile Commercial division is established.
    Cedar Point Trading is formed.

  • Italtile appointed an Environment Officer to work with the Properties division to reduce the Group’s carbon footprint.

  • Italtile acquired 20% of Ceramic Industries.
    Ceramic is delisted from the JSE.
    CTM’s internet shopping facility is upgraded to a fully functional operating online trading store.

  • Retail stores in Australia sold to management.

  • Italtile introduced the equity-settled staff share scheme.

  • System-wide turnover reached the R5 billion milestone.

  • The store properties in Australia are sold.
    New-generation stores for Italtile and CTM opened.
    Gryphon tile factory opened.
    Italtile Foundation Trust established.

  • Acquired a controlling stake in Ceramic Industries and Ezee Tile.
    Italtile and Ceramic Foundation Trust established

  • Italtile celebrated 50 years of achievement.

  • EcoTec tiles launched.
    Acquired a 25,1% stake in Easylife Kitchens and subsequently increased to 30%.

  • R290 million profit share earned by staff.

  • Samca+ floor tile factory launched

  • Ezee Tile commissions flagship plant in Vulcania, Gauteng.
    Italtile introduces new staff share scheme.


Retail Footprint
Manufacturing Footprint
Export Footprint



  • 15 Italtile Retail stores (including webstore)
  • 101 CTM stores (including webstore)
  • 93 TopT stores (including webstore)


Ceramic Industries

  • Six tile factories
  • One acrylic bath factory
  • One sanitaryware factory

Ezee Tile

  • 10 adhesive and grout factories


The Group exports tiles, sanitaryware, grout, paint and adhesives to various sub-Saharan territories.