• Opportunity is the first step doing is every step after that

  • It demands dedication and passion for excellence

  • Some people are
    a little different.

  • They don't see themselves
    as employees but, rather,
    as partners.

  • They know what
    they're doing but
    still insist on
    learning more.

  • They see challenges as
    the chances to make
    themselves and the
    business better.

  • These are our
    kind of people.

  • And if that's you,
    we may be your
    kind of company.

What we're
looking for:

In business it is often said that people are the most important asset, in my view this statement is a little trite because people are more than assets. People are the driving force of the values, ethics, culture, morale and growth of any business. It is the vision of people throughout Italtile that has given us our durability and longevity.

People are the custodians of Italtile for future employees and the holders of the corporate memory due to their understanding of the history of Italtile in terms of “where we come from” and the anecdotes of “what we were”.

The challenge facing any organisation is to instil a degree of alignment between personal and company goals and to ensure the achievement of these goals. This requires that we strive to achieve a high level of trust between all within the Italtile Group and that each individual sets the example to be followed by all.

The goals set out by Italtile will always be lofty and ambitious but this creates the challenging environment in which we thrive, mature and develop as a company and as individuals

“Our training initiatives are vital to enlarging our pool of high-performing individuals who underpin the group’s growth objectives. We pay signicant attention to developing the skills and competencies of our people and to mentoring and empowering leadership talent across the business.” – Chairman & Founder
   GAM Ravazzotti

If you are looking for a possible career with us, here’s a list of things for you to consider.

  • Make sure you’re passionate about what we do. We’re in the retail business; it’s dynamic, competitive, hard work and rewarding. If that’s what you thrive on, we could be a good fit.
  • Get to know our company. Not just what we do but what’s important to our culture and us. You’ll find this on our website.
  • Decide the area in our business that you want to work in. We’ll feel a lot more confident about you if you know where you fit in.
  • Make sure you have the right qualifications or experience for the job, we are looking for people who know what they are doing.
  • Update your CV so it shows us why you’re best suited for the position.

I am challenged and inspired everday to improve what we do. Clive Oosthuizen
Top T Operations

Learning new things

from Clive Oosthuizen Top T Operations

Our “green machine” brand

from Clive Oosthuizen Top T Operations

Just getting it done

from Clive Oosthuizen Top T Operations

I love working for a company that moves and adapts with the times. Pule Mmoloke
CTM Boksburg

A well deserved coffee break

from Pule Mmoloke CTM Boksburg

Our brand that saves you more

from Pule Mmoloke CTM Boksburg

Mixing and matching

from Pule Mmoloke CTM Boksburg

My business and creative side is challenged to delight every customer every day. Elisee Lukusa
Italtile Bryanston

Making sure our customers are relaxed

from Elisee Lukusa Italtile Bryanston

Our stylish showroom

from Elisee Lukusa Italtile Bryanston

Got those deliveries done

from Elisee Lukusa Italtile Bryanston